Re: Ftape w/ new TR-3EX tapes

Shane P. McCarron (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 12:06:53 -0600

At 12:39 AM 2/9/97 +0100, Claus-Justus Heine wrote:
>Mike Wangsmo <> writes:
>> Should I be using a newer ftape than that of the one included with the
>> kernel? I just got the tape drive last week, so I am kind of unfamiliar
>> with everything related to the tape stuff. I also see that using mt, I
>> can't position a tape in the Colorado T3000 tape drives. ANys suggestions
>> here?
>Yes, please try to use ftape-3.02 (see the http address contained in
>the signature). Your tape drive still may not work, but I'm interested
>in whether that `unknown tape format' error message vanishes with the
>new version.

Actually, the ftape driver 2.10 seems to work fine with TR-3EX tapes.
However, 3.02 fails miserably because the capacity of the tape is greated
tha 31 bits and the registers in the driver are ints. Claus, I think that
you mentioned an update to this that you are wokrking on?

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