Re: bliss version 0.4.0

Miguel de Icaza (
10 Feb 1997 13:22:09 -0600

> This is a message I got from goodness knows where. I'm not on the bugtraq
> list as far as I know nor any of the other To:'s listed. Anyway, perhasp
> someone can verify or disprove the headers?

Guys and gals,

Let's get one thing clear here, regarding the Bliss virus: it is an
extremely lame virus without any of the cool features found on any
regular DOS virus. Being worried about the Bliss virus is equivalent
to be worried about a DOS batch file virus infector.

Would you guys be afraid of a batch file infector in DOS? Nope.

Now, can you look at the mailing list name? Yes, it is called
linux-kernel, I can understand that people want to know more about
this possible threat, but can someone explain me since when the kernel
mailing list is being used for posting binaries? If it appeared in
bugtraq or in Linux-security, I can understand it, but no matter how
hard I looked at the virus posting, I could not see any relevance of
this piece of code to the Linux kernel.

The only problem the Linux comunity faces regarding this virus is from
the mcafee software hoarders that want to sell us a copy of their
grep^H^H^H^HVirusScan program and have made an idiotic announcement
somewere that may get newbie users worried about Linux. We just have
to clean up this image.