Re: [masq] 1st virus in Linux :( (fwd)

david parsons (o.r.c@p.e.l.l.c.h.i.i.l.u.s)
11 Feb 1997 17:31:36 -0800

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Bennie Venter <> wrote:
>On 7 Feb 1997, david parsons wrote:
>> I'm not a spokesman for McAfee, just the person who ported Virus Scan
>> to Linux, but I didn't read the press release like that at all. (The
>> release even mentions that McAfee produces antiviral products for a
>> large wad of operating systems, including Linux.) All it says is that
>> this particular virus doesn't run on other platforms, and it certainly
>> doesn't even come anywhere close to implying that MS operating systems
>> are not susceptable to virii.
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>Just strange that there is no CERT advisory released on this issue - I
>would accept CERT info more readily than I would from a vendor trying to
>sell me software.

Considering that none of the current McAfee antiviral programs are
intended to detect Linux virii, I don't think that anyone at McAfee
really wants to open themselves up to a lawsuit and ridicule by
pretending that their existing DOS, Windows, and Macintosh scanners
will reliably detect virii intended for a different OS with a
different executable format, and I certainly don't want to see
the quality of my babies demeaned because people are attempting
to use them for something they aren't designed to do.

david parsons \bi/