socket CLOSE

Arvids (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 12:47:13 -0800


I have driven crazy with linux and his broken tcp sockets closing timeouts -
sockets hung in CLOSE state.I have problem with apache(1.2bx),bind 4.9.5.P-1
(4.9.4.P-1 works fine),squid 1.1.1-5. All this programs make occasionally
sockets hung in CLOSE state.Squid release this sockets after many hours,
but other programs - not - sockets are hung forever(until program restarts).
I have many many many problems with this(e.g. shortage of file descriptors
in squid,
high CPU and memory utilization).I have tried linux 2.0.26 and 2.0.27.Where
are fault?
Maybe FreeBSD are free of this problem?:)