Re: IRQ 2,9

. Tethys (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 11:30:25 +0000

>I recently tried to add a new card to my computer, and needed an IRQ...
>heres what happened:
>My IRQ's as I remember them:
>0: system thing... timer?
>1: keyboard
>2: uhhh somthing wierd....videoish
>3: Com 2&4
>4: Com 1&3
>5: Lpt 2
>6: system thing... Floppy drive?
>7: Lpt 3
>8: clock
>9: uhhh somthing wierd...videoish
>10: SB16
>11: Net card
>12: SCSI card.
>13: system thing... fpu error?
>14: ide0
>15: ide1

Hmmm. This reminds me. When I wanted to add a network card, I needed
to find a free IRQ. I checked /proc/interrupts to see what was being
used, but it didn't report all the currently used IRQs. Specifically,
it missed out a serial port, parallel port, floppy controller and
possibly a few others. I had to resort to MSD to find out what I was
using where (and I don't entirely trust MSD anyway).

So, is there a reason why this information is incomplete (as at 2.0.27
on x86 -- I haven't checked since then)?


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