Re: Bug in romfs

Janos Farkas (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 13:41:10 +0100

Juan Cespedes writes:
> Well, I think it isn't a bug in romfs, but in msdos, but the
> romfs code can't mount the root filesystem if the kernel is
> compiled with both msdos and romfs support. The following patch fixes
> this:

Ok, I looked at it, and it seems it's really the msdos fs tricking the
ramdisk away, since it sets the blocksize to a different value, and this
operation clears the ramdisk [It happened to me during development]...
Now, the real solution would be to remove this feature from the ramdisk,
but this is not a trivial work, so do anyone have objections moving
the check for romfs before the msdos-like filesystems?