Re: All-singing all-dancing Makefiles: alpha patch (fwd)

Jim Nance (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 08:15:05 -0500 (EST)

Forwarded message:

> While you are at it, how about supporting all architectures with a
> config option to select your CPU type. I can envision a page in
> menuconfig to pick your CPU, with nice options for 386, 486, AMD 5x86,
> AMD K5, AMD K6, Cyrix 586, Cyrix 686, Intel Pentium, Intel PentiumPro,
> Intel Pentium SMP, Intel PentiumPro SMP, Alpha, SPARC, m68k, Power PC,
> Human Brain, or whatever... It is silly that we currently have to edit
> the makefiles to select this stuff.

I like your idea, but I wanted to make 1 comment about make, and having
to edit the Makefile (I saw a similar post yesterday).

You can override any make variable by specifying it on the command line,
so you should never have to edit the top level makefile unless you want
to. For example, you can run:

make ARCH=sparc SMP=y

and this will set the values of ARCH and SMP that make uses regardless of
what they are set to in the Makefile. When I build Linux/Alpha kernels
under Digital Unix, I use the command:

make ARCH=alpha CONFIG_SHELL=bash oldconfig

and I don't have to edit anything.