Re: EZ-Drive

Malc Arnold (
12 Feb 1997 23:12:38 -0000

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Pavel Galynin <> wrote:
>Hugo Van den Berg wrote:
>I'm having trouble installing Linux and several people suggested it had
>something to do with my WD IDE drives and EZ-drive software.Is that

We've got a machine with a WD drive and EZ-drive here (not this one)
which is running fine. But the Patch for the Linux IDE driver is only
in the 2.0 kernels; the 1.2.x series kernels won't work on a drive
with EZ-drive installed. Check how up-to-date your install setup is.

We haven't dared install LILO, but booting Linux from floppy (or DOS
from the hard drive) seems to work fine.

Hope this helps...

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