Re: 640MB MO patch

NIIBE Yutaka (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 09:39:26 +0900

Shigehiro Nomura writes:
> The patch for 640MB MO written by Mr. Nagai has been released a few
> months ago, too :-)

Sigh. Shigehiro, please learn how people cooperate together. It
seems (at leaset for me) your attitude is not polite enough to Eric
and the Linux community. If you really read and learn how SCSI sub
system, iso9660 filesystem. or ELF system work in Linux, you must know
Eric Youngdale who contributes to Linux much much and much.

I think that we should learn/check how things are going on, before
proposing a patch. This makes the development process easy. IMHO, a
development of free software is not a race, but something like a folk

Well, I never think your effort to add feature is bad or wrong. Yes,
it is great thing itself, really, but the way you did is questionable.
It is better for our community to cooperate together, you know.


NIIBE Yutaka