Re: Linksys Ether PCI II

Edwin Huffstutler (
13 Feb 1997 19:28:06 -0700

[ Matt Bradbury wrote: ]
> I am interested if there has been any work on getting some kernel code for
> the Linksys Ether PCI II card. I bought the card before I started running
> Linux, so now I am kinda stuck with it. Thanks in advance.
> Matt Bradbury

Easy solution - use a 2.1 kernel if you aren't too worried about being on
the develepment tree.

Under a stock 2.0.x, (at least on my machine), the card was detected
as an NE1000 on bootup and it didn't work.

In the latest 2.1.x kernels it's a no-brainer, and is detected
correctly. (not exactly sure when ne.c got patched in the series) and the
Winbond chip ID is defined in pci.h.

Since I recently aquired one of these things too, and wanted it operational
under a "stable" kernel, I sort of hacked the ne.c and pci code in 2.0.29
with some of the mods from the 2.1 ne.c, and it works now.. but it was a
quick-n-dirty edit from looking at the diffs.

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