Re: Kernel tries to load eth1, while there is only 1 ethernet adapter

Bas Mevissen (
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 15:10:33 +0100 (MET)

Matthew Harrell wrote:

> : Feb 14 07:55:02 tower kernel: loading device 'eth1'...
> : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I think what it really means is that it is checking for eth1. Notice the
> first message about loading eth0 and then it finds a ne2000? The message
> is deceptive, though.

Yes, but it says LOADING and not checking. In the 2.0.xx kernel you do not
get that message.

Conclusion: It's wrong, so it should be fixed. The kernel should say nothing
there. I hope that the coders agree with me.

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Thank you for your quick response,


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