Re: NE2000 PCI clone autodetect code for 2.0.29 !!!

Paul Gortmaker (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 11:32:32 +1000 (EST)

> Hello all,
> As you have read, I use a RealTek PCI NE2000 clone.
> Now there is proper detection & initialisation code in the development
> kernel, but I would like to use the stable releases for the next few months.
> That's because my WDC 1.6Gb IDE disk (1 1/2 years old) crashed and now I
> only have Linux to do my homework on :-)) (So my Linux system must work OK)
> Therefore I put the new code in the 2.0.29 source tree. And voil\'a, it
> worked like hell (Thank you Paul Gortmaker).

You are welcome.

> + ne2k driver from Linux kernel 2.1.xx ported to Linux 2.0.xx
> + by Bas Mevissen <>, Februari 1997

You didn't need to port it back to v2.0, as a 2.0 version existed before
the 2.1 version and has been available via www for quite a few months.
(Besides, it is a drop in replacement prior to the v2.1 module changes.)
Due to the amount of e-mail I get about these cards alone, I have
recently made a pseudo-support page for them, which is where the patch
now lives. You can find it at:

Along with the patch, there is even precompiled modules, a Red Hat
boot disk with the update in place, and links to the manufacturers.