Re: offshore RTL8029 chip

Paul Gortmaker (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 22:03:54 +1000 (EST)

> "A month of sundays ago Paul Gortmaker wrote:"
> > Once again, Linux v2.0.x (x>22) will detect RealTek 8029 cards out
> > of the box as long as you compile the driver into the kernel. If you
> > want an autodetecting module, or have another PCI ne2000 clone that
> > is not a RealTek, then please go see:
> >
> >
> It certainly was not plain to me from your page, wonderful though it
> is!
> On your page, you say:
> PCI NE2000 Cards and the v2.0 Kernel
> All of the above cards are supported with the v2.0 kernel as well, but
> you have to apply a patch to the kernel source first.
> which seems to me to "mean" that pci ne2000 cards in general and the
> realtek chip in particular are not supported by the vanilla 2.0.*
> kernel. Could you perhaps change the wording to make it clear that you
> are talking about _modules_?

I incorrectly assumed that those with working configs wouldn't be reading.
Someone else was kind enough to already note your complaint, and it has
since been changed as follows:

The default v2.0 kernel only knows about the RealTek cards, and even
then will only autodetect them when the driver is built into the
kernel and not used as a loadable module. However,
all of the above cards are supported and autodetected
with the v2.0 kernel after you apply a
<a href="ne2k-pci-diff">patch</a> to the kernel source first.

You may have to hit a reload button on your web browser to see
the change.