2.0.2[79]: aha1740 still doesn't work as module

Klaus Kudielka (oe1kib@oe1xtu.ampr.org)
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 13:12:35 +0000


I just wanted to upgrade my machine to Red Hat 4.1 (bootdisk has
2.0.27), but discovered that the Adaptec 1740 driver still does not work
correctly as a module. When insmod'ed, it detects seven disks (id 0 to
id 7) with bogus (i.e. null) device information, although there is only
one disk present (id 0). Even on disk 0 there are no partitions detected
(although they are here -- Red Hat 4.0 runs quite nicely with 2.0.27 and
the compiled-in driver).
The module _is_ inserted, it just doesn't work as it should.
The same happens for a custom 2.0.29 kernel.

Remember, for Red Hat 4.0 there were special boot disks with SCSI
drivers compiled into the kernel.
Some drivers (e.g. the ncr53c8xx) seem to have been fixed for this
The 1740 driver definitely hasn't been fixed :-(

(1) Does anybody know a fix?
(2) If not, it should not be allowed to compile the driver as a module.

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