Re: romfs

H. Peter Anvin (
15 Feb 1997 22:51:24 GMT

Followup to: <>
By author: William Burrow <>
In newsgroup:
> Hmm, how is the development of romfs? Is this a good fs to use as a live
> filesystem on a CDROM? Can file compression be built into romfs, such
> that files under a certain size can be optionally compressed to save
> space? Are all the Unixy attributes useful for such a filesystem present
> (eg device bits (block, character, pipe), sticky bits, read, write,
> ownership, etc?). Just looking for a bit of clarification.

What's wrong with ISO 9660, which is already optimized for CD-ROMs,
and with Rock Ridge extensions have all the necessary stuff for Unix
built right in?


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