Re: I need help with RAM (I suspect a problem but ...)

W. Reilly Cooley (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 16:01:44 -0800

# Try NOT using make -j 10, this is far too much for an 32MB system
# (if make respects it properly, which may not be the case...)
# you may run out of virtual memory very early, causing
# all kinds of signals send to gcc, say, signal 6,7 and 11
# are good candidates..
# try adding 128mb swap and see if the problem persists.

I have found that with 32MB of memory running up to "make -j 30" or so
(maybe higher, I gave up because I found little difference in the time
for a kernel make with that than without it, and often it seemed to
take several seconds _longer_ with more concurrent jobs, but I have
only one CPU) I had no swapping (but I had nothing else running on the
machine), but with a "make -j" I exhaused all 16MB of swap and the
make died.


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