Wow.. cool beans..

Aaron Tiensivu (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 23:54:18 -0500

2 reasons for this post:

1. Wow. Am I the only one getting really excited about the different
patches floating around lately? Specifically the MSR, serial and hashing
patches.. seriously cool stuff. Never knew I had such a kernel addiction. ;-)

2. A lot of people have been really helpful with the UMC project I'm
undertaking. It is very close to Triton BusMastering, but not quite. Argh.
What I'm looking for now is some type of program (besides PageMaker) that will
read in a PageMaker 5.0 file that contains all the "goods" about this chipset.
If it's a Mac program, I'll have to know if it runs under Executor. ;-)

I hope to have something useful by the end of next week. Any help is very

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