Linux 2.1.27/SMP Boot problem

David Eagles (
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 22:47:16 +1000

Greetings all

The latest kerrnel version appears great (congratulations to all who have laboured away), except for one small problem which I seem to be encountering (and from what I'm hearing may be alone in).

When I compile and boot the SMP version of the kernel, I get the following message half way through the kernel init process, but after the normal boot time info (including correctly identifying both PPro processsors, etc)

--> Booting processor 0 Stack C0002000 : Calibrating delay loop.. ok - 179.40 Bogomips

then nothing - no Oops, just lockup. Looking at the code (kernel/smp.c) shows that the kernel shouldn't even try to boot Processor 0 (I'm assuming it is the primary CPU). I've recompiled with SMP_DEBUG turned on, but unfortunately have to wait until we get a chance to restart again (it 's currently in use running jobs on a 2.0.27 kernel without SMP :-( ) The motherboard is a Microstar (??) 440FX, 2 Intel PPro 180 CPU's, 64MB RAM, 4 EIDE drives (total ~10GB) and most (if not all) other stuff as modules (including ethernet driver (EE Pro 100), SCSI (old AHA1422) and all filesystems but ext2 which is compiled in).

I realise this is very little info (and sincerely appologise for that), but I will get a lot more when we can restart it. In the meantime, is there something obvious I'm missing? Also, is there a way to dump the printk() output to somewhere I can retrieve it from later since we don't get far enough for klogd to start (and don't have a terminal / spare PC lying around anywhere nearby) :-( Finally, for those concerned, what other info do you need (apart from .config settings)?

David Eagles