BSD ported NCR53C8XX patches available.

Gerard Roudier (
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 23:09:33 +0000 (GMT)

Hi all!

New patches for the NCR53C8XX BSD ported driver are available.
Latest revision is 1.18b.

Here is the overview of changes since revision 1.17a.

- 810A rev. 0x11 problem fixed. The chip is supported with all
enhanced PCI features enabled. The fix has been heavily tested by
Richard Waltham (About 400 GB moved with no errors).

- 895 Ultra-2 chip supported 'on paper'. Will be tested
by Larry M. Augustin @ Varesearch as soon as such
a board will be available.

- Load most frequently used script fragments into the on-board RAM of
825A, 875 and 895 chips.
That reduces PCI load and main memory/cache load from the PCI bus
needed by NCR chips for script instructions fetch.

- Synchronous parameters calculation rewritten in order to use all
available clock divisors and to be able to support scsi clocks
not multiple of 40 Mhz if necessary.

Patches are larges (would be about 40k gzipped+uuencoded).
So, in order to spare Internet bandwitch and users disk space,
here are corresponding URLs:

- Update for 2.1.27 kernel:

- Update for 2.0.29 and 1.2.13 with ncrBsd2Linux-1.17a installed.
(untested with 1.2.13)