Vanilla 2.1.17 and DMA transfers.

Neptho (
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 22:39:08 -0800 (PST)


I have found when accessing a diskette (DMA 0), and playing anything audio
(DMA 1, GUS - DMA 3, SB16), suddenly my access will drop on the DMA 0, and
eventually choke, reporting errors everywhere. I have not had a prior
experience with this with any other 2.1.x kernels (or is it just as rare
as I use the Floppy? =)). If this has been addressed, I apologize, but
vger has been repeating everything so often, if the subject and the body
is somewhat similar I have it currently go into a killfile, as I have been
recieving over 4 copies of the same mail every day, and do not wish to
cancel subscription until the problems are resolved. This does not cause a
problem or even a stutter on the SB or the GUS... Currently I am running:
Kernel 2.1.27, Glibc 2.0.1, GCC, binutils, modutils 2.1.23
(floppy is compiled into the kernel).


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