Re: SIG11 on AMD K5 while compiling 2.0.27

Matthias Urlichs (
2 Mar 1997 01:43:17 +0100

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"Darrin R. Smith" <> writes:
> A friend of mine has an AMD K5-100 machine and gcc gets a SIG11
> while compiling 2.0.27. The error always occurs in exactly the same
> file(I don't have the machine right here in front of me so I can't
> offhand tell you which one -- I'll write it down next time). Also,
> the error crops up while compiling under either 1.2.13 or 2.0.27.
> I know this is usually blamed on bad memory or hardware, but
> I have run memtest86 on the same machine for over 24hrs strait with
> no errors. Is this error specific to the K5? Has anyone had similar

A client of ours once had a machine which ran _perfectly_, except that
reading in one tape on that box produced exactly one one-bit error. Or
something along these lines.

Solution, after much headbashing: Re-seat one SIMM.

Conclusion: It is impossible to prove that a machine runs by running
arbitrary tests. I think the above error demonstrates that adequately.
It is only possible to show that it has a problem by running a test which
crashes on your box but not on mine, just like that tape which was readable
everywhere else (and, another tape with the same data generated the same

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