Re: Linux 2.1.26 Compile error

Marc Lehmann (
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 21:27:39 +0100 (MET)

>> With gcc 2.2.7 and binutils- everything compiles fine. However, I
>> can FORCE the problem you describe by changing the optimize flag in the
>> top-level Makefile to "-O6". Therefore, I think the problem is a bug in
> ^^^^
>This is problematic for the kernel, because with > -O2 functions are
>automatically converted to __inline__. Not what the kernel likes (stack
>layouts changing), the kernel wants to decide itself where it uses __inline__.
>So I guess with -O6 you are forceing a lot of _other_ odds.

1. linux worked with inlining AND many other optimizations not included
in standard gcc very fine. Any bugs found were either bugs in the
optimizations or bugs in Linux, which are fixed now (except for
the non-local asm labels in 2.1.27)
2. Any code that depends on a specific stack layout is written
in accordance with gcc. Such code should run with every
optimization thats out there, except if someone forgot a
volatile (like the xfree86 team often does with memory-mapped
regs :)

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