Change in cdu31a.c

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Tom=E1s_Restrepo?= (
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 18:12:53 -0500

Can someone here explain to me, why the change in cdu31a from 2.0.xx to

All 'memcpy_fromfs' and 'memcpy_tofs' routines were changed to
'memcpy_from_user' and 'memcpy_to_user'. I suppose this is because of new
kernel implementations in 2.1.xx, and I _think_ that the old memcpy...
routines are now defined as aliases for the new ones. Please correct me if
I am wrong.

I'm looking at this file, because of the problems with the cdu31a driver in
kernel 2.1.xx and until now no one has given me any info on what to do
about it. I haven't seen any other major changes in the file since 2.0.29
so maybe the problem lies in the use of these functions(please don't get me
wrong, I'm quite the C newbie), but I haven't been able to quite figure out
what is really happening.

If someone can help, I'd appreciated a _lot_.
Tomás Restrepo Madrid