ARP problems in 2.0.x kernels

Pedro Ribeiro (
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 13:46:05 -0000

One system i'm installing is having problems with ARP ( i think )
i can ping some machines, others don't, after that i take a look at the arp
table with cat /proc/net/arp and i see that
the machines that a can't ping, all of them have hardware address
The same problem appens in 2.0.0 and 2.0.29, i'm using a NE2000 netcard
clone, the same problem as ocurred when a changed the netcard to a Intel
EtherExpress 16.
the hardware is good i think. ( Pentium 133 system )
at this moment i'm suspecting from the kernel as in the last days, some
problems where detected in the 2.0.x kernels
( i'm also having the virtual memory paging problem with gcc, and the tcp
problem, stoping sometimes )
i'v exausted all the chances of problems, does anyone knows where is the
problem ?

Super Tkanks.

Pedro Ribeiro