Problems installing sysvinit

David Priebe (
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 06:29:06 -0500

I've sent the following message to linux-admin, but haven't received any
responses, so I thought I'd try this list.

Hello all,

I have seen messages on this list regarding the message when shutting down
error reading initrequest... And, since I've upgraded my kernel, I'm now
upgrading sysvinit.

In the README it says to test, put the new init to /sbin/, then do
a boot: linux init=/sbin/ (linux is the only option I have in lilo)

Well, I first did a make init, then mv init /sbin/, I shutdown the
server, and typed in the apropriate boot command. Everything looked
okay (I saw 2.64 of init starting), till I got to enabling swap space. My
system then hung completely. I had to turn the power off, and re-boot.

Needless to say, I didn't install the new version of sysvinit.

Has anyone else encountered this??

One more note, normally after enabling the 32Meg swap space, the next line in
the script starts a ppp link.

Any ideas??
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