Re: aic7xxx.c patch

Michael D. Mattice (
Tue, 4 Mar 97 11:08 CST

>>>>> "JM" == "Michael J Micek" <> writes:

>> Yesterday, while playing with our soon to be production web
>> server, I noticed that upon boot initialization of the card, it
>> reports it's ID as 7 when it's 15. I really can't believe that
>> this typo is in everything since at least 2.0.27...

>> - scsi_conf & 0x07, + scsi_conf & 0x0f,

JM> Probably could be "scsi_conf = 0x07" and not hurt 99% of the
JM> users. Why would you set its id to be anything else? (Given
JM> that priority on wide SCSI goes 7-0, 15-8, and you want your
JM> host adapter to be able to arbitrate.)

I just think that the driver should report the correct id. What
if the host adapter had an id of 15 and this driver reports it as 7 and
you put a drive on 15 because you think your HA is on 7. It should tell
it like it is.


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