Re: PCI device problems

David A Rusling (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 15:56:45 +0000

Dave et al,

The 'unknown pci' stuff comes from /drivers/pci/pci.c
based on pci_lookup_dev() failing - it gets its information from
/include/linux/pci.h. If you do not want to upgrade from 1.3 to 2.*.*,
then you could *carefully* take the PCI card details from a 2.*.* kernel
and update pci.h; it's all table based stuff. It shouldn't be harmful,
a lot of PCI setup is generic and based on the PCI class of the device
and not on the {device id, vendor id} pair (from the PCI configuration
header). It just makes /proc/pci neater and more understandable. I
cannot remember 1.3 anymore and so I cannot remember when the 'unknown'
warning message was added/deleted/changed...


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