Re: PING Source Code

Trygve Gudmundsen (
5 Mar 1997 16:24:22 GMT

On Wed, 5 Mar 1997 10:10:11 -0500 (EST), Mike McCann <> wrote:
>Could someone tell me where I can find the 'C' source code for a Linux
>compatible PING command. Thank-you.

Ah.. wonderful question. Be sure to get a PING source that is not broken as
all the normal pings for Linux are. Some souphead have removed the
possibility of using -R in ALL ping-versions released with all Linux
distributions I have seen.

I used Eric Wassenaar's PING which has proven to be very good. I needed to
do some changes in it in order to make it work under Linux, but
I'll be happy to share the source-code with you.
( <- this site will be down from
Thursday 6th to Monday 10th .)

Now, if you would like the ORIGINAL source, it is available at unfortunatly this source will not compile
out of the box.