Re: swap space: an idea. Please comment.

5 Mar 1997 18:41:20 GMT

On Tue, 4 Mar 1997 12:58:33 PST, Marty Leisner <> wrote:
> Instead of dynamically swap, I would like reasonable things to
> occur if swap is exhausted.

I understand that.

> Over the last year, a few times I think I was out of vm, and my
> system locked up so tight I had to do a power off.

Well, even if the daemon I'm advertising is not perfect, it prevented that
from ever happening to me, as long as I had disk space (once swapd saved me
by creating 80Megs of swap space because I had done a regular expression
search/replace on a 20Meg file in vim).

My point is that swapd is not perfect, and that kernel support would
obviously be better, but in the meantime, it suits my needs very well and
I've never had to worry about a single failed compilation because of not
enough swap.


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