Display and keyboard drivers configuration option for embedded systems

Kohtala Marko (Marko.Kohtala@ntc.nokia.com)
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 21:53:38 +0200

I have placed an upgrade to the patch to

What is new:
- against 2.1.28
- some fixes for modularization
- some keyboard files not compiled anymore
- console unblanking for all consoles
- dropped some useless changes to comments
- some changes to take m68k into right direction, I can not test this

Please, test it. Some people have thanked for it, but I am still
lacking confirmation that it is OK or report of what is wrong.

To those that do not know what it is:

I wrote this patch to make the virtual terminal tty devices be a
configuration option. This is of use to those wanting to run Linux on
machines that have no video or keyboard hardware. I hope to some day
run Linux on an ISA serial card equipped with 386EX.

The patch defines three new CONFIG_ macros
CONFIG_VT for inclusion of console, vt, vc_screen,
consolemap, selection, keyboard, defkeymap, vga,
vesa_blank or tga.
CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE for directing printk to the VT device
CONFIG_VT_SERIAL for directing printk to the standard serial device

Both CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE and CONFIG_VT_SERIAL can be used together in
which case the output goes to both. To support this, there is a new
console device list with entries for this output. The list also has
entries for waiting a key press and for determining what device really
to open for /dev/console, but these are used only from the device at
the head of the list.

The rest of the change is to move some code from tty_io.c to other
files where it seems to fit better. This avoids some #ifdef CONFIG_VT
/ #endif.

Marko Kohtala - Marko.Kohtala@ntc.nokia.com, Marko.Kohtala@hut.fi