ISS test3 is out

David S. Miller (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 16:08:21 -0500

There are only two things changed in here, none of the socket hashing
code has changed and that stuff has been running strong on our good
friend for a few days now, I'm rather pleased. There
are only two small behavioral bug reports I have received at this
point, one of them looks like a bug that was in our networking before
I began tinkering ;-)

Anyways this does:

1) IP masquerading documentation updates (Nigel Metheringham)

2) SYN flood prevention SYN/RST cookie code (Eric Schenk)

I want this to be one of the very last installments of these ISS test
releases. There is only one patch which might make it's way into this
patchset for a test4, and that is the ext2 filesystem noatime support
as it does help large news servers tremendously, thus it fits into the
theme of this patch set. I ask rather kindly that people not request
that anything else be added to these patches, my goal is stability and
robustness at this point. Thank you.

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