Eric Wassenaar's "ping" on

David C Niemi (
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 01:24:55 -0500 (EST)

I have fetched, compiled, and made available Trygve Gudmundsen's
Linux-modified version of Eric Wassenaar's excellent "ping" program. It is
all sitting on on in "/pub/net/wassenaar-ping". As Trygve
mentioned his site was about to be down for 5 days I figured this could be
a useful service 8^)

I made a couple of little changes to get it to compile, renaming the
"struct ip" to "struct myip" to avoid a clash, and changing some
compilation/linking options to reduce the size.


A side note: if any of you have had trouble reaching the
aka web/FTP site lately, it is because we had to rather
quickly change our IP address Feb. 18th and there were some extra
complications involving the root nameservers.

It appears to be all straightened out now, aside from a couple of servers
that like to hang on to cached DNS data longer than they're supposed to.
The server has actually been up and running happily, with a 100Mb
connection to the net, all along, but some people had gotten the idea it
was down.

Old IP Address:
New IP Address:

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