Re: Kernel 2.0.29 - Ultrastor SCSI messages
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 10:01:19 +0100

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>> >"Kernel 2.0.29 - Ultrastor SCSI messages"
>> >I compiled a new kernel 2.0.29. I have a SCSI adaptor (Ultrastor 14F), a
>> >SCSI HD and a SCSI CDROM. When I reboot with the new kernel, I get a
>> >lots of the following messages.
>> >
>> >U14F0: ihdlr, mbox 3, err 0x92:0, target 0.0:0, pid 909, count 1153
>> >
>> >I get these messages after ending an "startx" session.
>> >
>> Any time an i/o operation completes in error, the interrupt handler
>> in u14-34f prints a line of warning like the above.
>> On error 0x92 (data over/underrun) the driver retries (up to 64 times)
>> until the operation succeeds, otherwise it reports the error to the
>> scsi upper layer. If there were no further messages from the driver
>> or the scsi subsystem, you can safely ignore the warning: the error
>> has been recovered.
>> This kind of error is likely with old firmware revisions and also
>> with the latest one in case of heavy sequential i/o (using big
>> record sizes). Basically it means that the board has been stressed
>> at its limits and a little over, and the driver is doing its best
>> in order to avoid that the upper scsi layer could gets upset and take
>> inappropriate abort/reset actions in this transient situation.
>> Users can notice this errors when upgrading from 1.2.13 to 2.0.x,
>> since the performance improvement of 2.0.x trigger more problems
>> in the Ultrastor firmware.
>> db
>What can I do before compiling a new kernel to stop seeing these kinds
>of messages? I turned off all "probe all LUNS devices" and "SCSI verbose
>error messaging" etc.
>Are the kernel 2.0.x kernels, giving messages like this to UltraStor
>only? Is there any 2.0.x kernel that will stop giving these kinds of
Using stock 2.0.29 and a good line editor, like vi, edit u14-34f.c
and perform the command:
I guarantee that the nasty messages will go away forever.