Sony cdu31a locks up system
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 23:27:44 +1100 (EST)

G'day All,
I have ahd a problem with Linux kernel 2.1.28 but it has been around for
at least 27 and 26, perhap further back too.

What happens is that the machine goes through the booting system, mounts the
cdrom and then soon after, it just locks up.

Doing a right-alt-scoll-lock combo said it was stuck around EIP c01e17a2
which is the handle_abort_timeout function, in the Sony cdu31a driver.

To comfirm this, I recompiled changing only the fact that the cdu31a was now
not compiled in, its working fine (I'm using it now). Of coure I have a
currently useless cdrom sitting here now.

So there's the info. If you need any more let me know. The problem is
that the machine hangs, not even a kernel panic.

- Craig

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