Re: Complete freeze in 2.0.29

Philippe Troin (
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 00:23:30 -0800

On Thu, 06 Mar 1997 22:45:39 GMT Alan Cox (

> Try running the floppy=nodma option. Just see what it does.

Ahem. It works with nodma.

I've also tried to change the serial driver IRQ priority to 0 with
setserial (should do polling then), but the gpm mouse is then very
shaky and the modem cannot establish a connection.
I've tried running the sound driver while running the serial ports
normally, but the sound driver DMA doesn't give any problem.

And also, I forgot, running ftape (which uses the same DMA and IRQ as
the floppy) freezes, as the floppy.

FYI, I've tried to change the floppy controller, and it froze too...

I'm really wondering what's going on here... Anyone able to reproduce
the problem ?