Re: 2.1.28+Ted's patch - lockup
Fri, 07 Mar 97 08:18:02 +1000

I'm replying to my own message here. I've had the same problem occur again with only 5 hours uptime. As I sometimes try to do real work on the machine in question I have reverted to 2.1.27 to keep it running. However if anyone has an idea for a good test to put in place then please let me know and I'll try it out.

Russell Coker

> I am running 2.1.28 with Ted's patch for the ptty problems. I have
>clocked up around 20 hours running on my home machine with this version
>and it has run mostly OK. However sometime after midnight it locked up
>solid after about 12 hours of uptime. When I plugged in a monitor (it's a
>server and doesn't normally need a monitor or keyboard) the screen was
>blank and would not un-blank.
> My system logs don't contain anything that looks at all interesting
>around the time of the crash, and the system was almost entirely idle at
>the time of the crash (I believe that only sendmail and rwhod were active
>at the time).

> The system in question has only experienced 2 crashes in the last few
>months, this incident and a error in free list when running 2.1.26, I
>believe that the hardware is as good as PC hardware gets (SMC PCI network
>card with DEC chipset, AMD 586-133, 32meg EDO RAM, IBM 3.2gig ATA drive).

> I realise that this incident proves nothing, however if other people
>have the same problem it might...