ISS patches

Kevin Littlejohn (
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 13:46:10 +0800

Possible bug report: ISS patches (version three), along with a couple of other
patches (raid, no_atime, no_inum) put onto our news server. I had enabled
RST syn cookies, and everything was fine - for local machines, and for
certain clients. However, our dialups didn't appear to be able to talk to
the news server - on telnetting to the news server, I saw the welcome
banner, then none of my keypresses appeared to go through. A minute or
two later, it timed out the connection. Looked like the news machine was
ignoring packets from win95 dialup machines.

The dialup machines are dialled into Livingston Portmasters.

Re-did the kernel without that option selected, and everything appears to

Is there any special trick for that particular option?


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