Re: IRC masquerading module queries

Matthias Urlichs (
7 Mar 1997 06:46:09 +0100

In, article <5e9vec$>, (Alan Brown) writes:
> I'd direct these questions to the author of the module, but his email
> address isn't in the sources... :-)
> 1: What port does ip_masq_irc.o bind to when loaded?

6667. With the ISS patches you can set 12 different ports or so.

> 2: What is its function?

Translating IP addresses for DCC requests of course, what do you think?

> 3: Can it be extended to handle Identd requests from the IRC server
> to the client?
No. You'll have to patch your identd to recognize that the port is
masqueraded, forward the query to the local client, and forward the answer
to the server. There probably needs to be a translation mechanism so that
"root" on some random masqueraded-out client host isn't the root user on
the server.

In fact, if somebody would contribute this to identd, some people (incuding
myself) would be extremely grateful.

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