Re: at halt/reboot: umount: device /dev/hda5 busy (=/usr)

Matthias Urlichs (
7 Mar 1997 08:05:12 +0100

Eirik Fuller wrote:
: I recently made an interesting discovery. I was trying to umount /usr
: from a rescue disk, and got the same error (device busy). I was able to
: get past that with "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib umount /usr", i.e. telling the
: dynamic linker to ignore /usr prevented /usr from being busy during the
: umount. Later, I noticed that I was able to umount /usr even without
: specifying LD_LIBRARY_PATH, after running ldconfig with /usr unmounted.
Obviously, something loaded a library from /usr. You can do "ldd /bin/umount"
to check which libraries are loaded from where.

Myself, I got tired about all this nonsense. I just put "umount -o remount
-r /usr" after the "umount -a" line; that has stopped all the nonsense.

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