Re: socket communication problem.
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 14:51:06 EST

Charlie Ross <> ,in message <Pine.GSO.3.95q.970307135313.>, wrote:

> The problem is that this works on sunos just fine... but when I port it to
> linux, only the first part comes therough. Aproximately a pagefull... the
> rest is lost somwhere....
> Why isnt the data coming over my socket? is the linux socket limited as to
> how much you can write at a time or somthingt?

I had a vaguely similar problem with my netpipes package ( ) and they recommended I
upgrade to 2.0.29 with ISS patches. I don't know if that applies to
your problem as well.

BTW, with netpipes your programs would be (approximately, and ignoring
the security problems...):

server$ faucet 3000 -io sh -c 'cat `cat`'

client$ echo /file/name | hose server 3000 -slave > output

Bob Forsman