LINUX Kernel Internals

Tom Dailey (
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 13:41:47 -0800

I am a systems programmer trying to become familiar with LINUX
internals. I just finished looking over a book mentioned on this
mailing list, entitled LINUX Kernel Internals. The book seems well
organized and well written. On cursory inspection, I found chapters on
all of the major subsystems that I would expect in any internals
book on a contemporary UNIX-like operating system. Then I read the
preface. This book is based on version 1.2.0 (slackware). I am currently
using version 2.0.27. Clearly, there are differences between the two
versions. There might well be entirely new subsystems in the newer
kernel. My question is this: Have any of the major subsystems covered in
the book changed so radically that the book's coverage is of no (or
negative) value?

The book costs $45. I would love to enrich the authors for providing
such a possibly valuable document, but is it still valuable?

Any advice would be appreciated,
Tom Dailey