ip remapping

Fri, 07 Mar 1997 15:41:32 EST

I've seen IP masquerading mentioned before, and it sounds nifty, but is
there a feature in the linux kernel that does IP remapping?

For example, I want to number my house with addresses from 10.0.0.x (or
maybe use one of the unrouted class Cs) and when my router with the BSPro
connects to my ISP, I want it to remap the addresses from 10.0.0.x to
207.100.1.x+32 and do the opposite mapping in the other direction.

Of course this has applications to small business who want to plan for the
day when their current ISP will be devoured by TPC (TPC is/will-be the result
of the re-merger of AT&T, Sprint, MCI, US West, and all other RBOCS and cable
companies which will occurr in 2003) and they will be forced to renumber
(this is TPC, remember, customer satisfaction and accomodation are only for
industries with competition).

Bob Forsman                                   thoth@gainesville.fl.us