Re: Where may I be fed

Marc (
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 09:58:31 -0800 (PST)

(copy to the list in case the answer is useful to someone else)

> This is way off-topic from kernel development but judging from many
> posts, there seems to exist, and perhaps others in a
> linux.* hierarchy. None of my news servers (spanning 3 different

That's correct: there are about 70 newsgroups in the linux.* hierachy.

> domains) carry it. Is this a non-standard newsgroup? and if so, how do I

There are two reasons to this:
Most people here seem to prefer the mailing list access because it's
supposed to have less latency than a news feed. This is now only partly true
because the load has made vger rather slow.
If this was in the comp.os.linux hierachy, there would be a lot of newbie
junk (there is already enough as it is).

> either get a feed to it or a site willing to news serve me, even if only
> that single newsgroup? I'd find it wayyyy nicer to read posts (and

I get it (via nnrp) from zippo (

> contribute once I come up to speed) through a news interface and not a
> mail interface.

I agree 100%.

> Any pointers?

The feed I had originally comes from

Here is a path line that may help you find a server that could feed you.

(I said the feed I had because right now it's completely broken, and filled
with junk from other lists. I wrote to the gateway maintainer, so let's see
what happens).