Re: News gateway shut down

Randy Scott (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 21:21:55 -0600

In article <5i1ng9$> you wrote:
: > By David Miller's request, the public news gateway of this mailing
: > list has been shut down.


: Would it be possible to setup the news gateway where it is one way?
: Don't allow posting from news. Just a thought.

I am currently gating linux-{kernel,gcc,...} to newsgroups on my local
news server (serves about 4 people). I automatically set the reply-to
address to point to the list. However, we do very little posting to
the list anyway.

I find that the lists are much easier to read in a "newsreader."
In addition, it becomes trivial to keep a specific number of days worth
of the list around at any time.

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