Multi CD-ROM support?

John Wyszynski (
Sat, 05 Apr 1997 21:38:47 -0500

I have an IDE 6x4 CD-ROM (6 speed by 4 disks) installed on my machine. There
doesn't appear to Linux support for it. Or did I just miss it? (The first
disk works fine as /dev/hdb regardless.)

I am willing to take a shot at writing the support for it. But I need a
pointer or two as to where to get the IDE specs. Either a website or book
is good.

My plan would be to make each disk look like a partition of the base drive id.
(For example /dev/hdb1, /dev/hdb2, /dev/hdb3, and /dev/hdb4.) Unless there
is some better scheme which eludes me.

John Wyszynski