Re: 2.1.32 still won't boot

Linus Torvalds (
6 Apr 1997 18:30:54 GMT

In article <>,
Neil Moore <> wrote:
>I recently (i.e. about 30 minutes ago) tried upgrading from 2.1.29
>to 2.1.32. After I get the "Now booting the kernel." message,
>the console stops. I can still hear hard drive movement, and
>apparently *something* is happening -- if I let it go on long
>enough before I hit reset, the root partitions end up being
>marked as non-clean (forcing fsck on the next boot). Nothing
>goes to syslog though. It looks like it dies before init gets
>run, but I can't be sure.

Have you enabled CONFIG_VT and CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE (or whatever they are
called). They are new options, and if you don't enable them you won't
have much in the way of a screen driver ;)

>2.1.31 had the same problem on my machine.

That would match with CONFIG_VT - it was added in 2.1.31. The kernel
might well be running and working happily, you just don't see any output..