Re: pre-patch-2.0.30-2 network problems

Anderson MacKay (
Sun, 6 Apr 1997 23:35:39 -0500 (CDT)

> Hi, in 90 minutes of uptime on my Usenet news server, I've gotten this
> output from 'dmesg'. Are these transient errors, or problems with the
> kernel patch?
> Previous to this kernel update I had 5 days of uptime with no kernel
> warnings/errors at all. Swapping rarely occurs on this machine.
> Hardware:
> 3 PCI NCR53C810 SCSI2 controllers
> P-90
> 128MB RAM
> 10 gb of disk, mostly SCSI2, with a 2.5 gb EIDE drive
> 3c509 card less than a month old
> Jeff
> Couldn't get a free page.....
> eth0: Couldn't allocate a sk_buff of size 1514.
> eth0: Couldn't allocate a sk_buff of size 1514.


FWIW, since I switched to an plain 2.0.29 kernel, I've been getting the
same errors -- perhaps this is in the 3c509 driver (I'm using that as
well)? I run this setup, and see the error typically while under heavy
swap. We seem to have rather similar setups, in terms of: SCSI, IDE,
3c509 ...

AMD 5x86-133 on Octek DCA-2 MB, 8M ram (VL-Bus)
swap and misc fs's on IBM 540M SCSI-2 drive, Ultrastor 34F controller
PD/CD drive also on scsi
420M and 1.6M Conner EIDE drives
3com 3c509 ethernet (age < 1 year)
Creative SB 16 Pnp
Trident 2M video

Does this ring any bells for you networking folks?