Re: 2.0.29 doesnt boot

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Mon, 7 Apr 1997 08:07:36 +0200

From: (Harald Milz)
Subject: Re: 2.0.29 doesnt boot
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Yakko J. Warner ( wrote:
> here's the scoop: i compile linux 2.0.29 with cyrix patches, and the AWE32
> driver and a small fork memleak patch.. everything goes fine, but when i
> attempt to boot this kernel, i get:
> Now booting the kernel
> system is unresponcive thereafter, requiring touching the reset switch (with
> a mallet came to mind after the 4th compile)

You've probably set CONFIG_CYRIX_6X86_VSPM at least the same happened to me
when I tried it. Disabling this option allowed for booting again but still
the machine was quite unstable (heavy display flickering) as long as there
were any Cyrix options enabled (even CONFIG_CYRIX). CPU is an IBM P166+,
rev. 3.6 (step 1r7).

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