Total lockup in 2.1.30
Tue, 08 Apr 1997 00:40:37 +0000

Whenever I try to upload a file to my linux server from a win95 box,
the server totally locks up. This means no response from either keyboard
nor network. Pinging the server from the win95 box gives a message
saying "request timed out".
This happens with both ftp and samba.
The first times it happened the screen on the server was blanked, so
there was no information as to what might be the problem, but the last
time I deliberately tried to upload a file right after booting the
server. The console was filled with messages saying "eth0: TX request
when isr active" or something like that.
Nothing in the logs.

Setup is Redhat 4.0 plus some 4.1 updates :


I will try kernel-2.1.32 now and see what happens :-)


.....Just as I was about to send this it froze again, this time during
a telnet session. So much for conpiling the kernel without leaving the
chair. 8-)

Good night ?