Re: Solaris JDK on Linux? (Re: Solaris source)

Mike Jagdis (
Thu, 1 May 1997 09:42:38 +0100 (GMT/BST)

On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Raul Miller wrote:

> I've dabbled in iBCS more than a little. My biggest problem was
> formulating reasonable bug reports. Unfortunately, strace didn't
> work, for example.

The iBCS documentation _does_ tell you to use the .../ibcs/Tools/trace
program to enable tracing.

> Finally, I was frustrated by the lack of integration between iBCS
> and the kernel. I'd get iBCS working, then need to hop to a non-iBCS
> kernel version to get something else working (e.g. ipx), then ...

All kernels are non-iBCS. iBCS is a loadable module. You compile
it for a particular kernel version (with no symbol versioning in
modules if you are going to be fiddling with lots of kernel rebuilds).
You install it. If you run a non-Linux binary kerneld loads iBCS.
If you upgrade your kernel you recompile your modules so they
work with it.

Other than dumping the iBCS source into Linus' kernel source
tree (and thus bloating it up even more) I can't see any way
to make this easier or more "integrated"?


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